• STEM Institute

Thank you, President Morishita

The Institute for STEM Education would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to CSU East Bay President, Leroy Morishita, for serving our community for 9 years as co-chair of the East Bay STEM Network.

In September, President Morishita officially announced that he would be retiring at the end of 2020.

We wish you continued success in your future endeavors. Onward!

What Do 9 Years of Collaboration Look Like?

Strengthened ties between CSUEB and community - our work has been a concrete representation of the commitment CSUEB has to this region as a partner and leader in ensuring access to transformation educational opportunities for all citizens. EBSN has bridged the connections between public education, private industry, local government, and the non-profit sector, creating a space for collaborations where they did not exist before.

Created a Roadmap to STEM Success - a single graphic that has provided focus and foundation for our work over the past 9 years and provided a clear picture of areas where a cross-sector partnership can make an impact to improve the educational and workforce pipelines for all students in the Bay Area

Identified four areas of focus:

  1. Early STEM - raised awareness of importance of Early STEM to later school success - testified in Sacramento and provided actionable recommendations to state lawmakers - convened two local conferences - presented at over 10 regional and national conferences

  2. STEM in Out of School Time - founding an influential member of CA STEAM Hubs, now managed by CDE with a goal of including high-quality STEM learning is all state-funded after school programs across CA - Piloted projects in partnership with afterschool programs, libraries, science museums, and community-based organizations to provide access to STEM Education to families

  3. STEM Professional Learning - over 5000 teachers have participated in workshops and trainings facilitated by the Science Partnership of the East Bay resulting in measurable improvements by their students on science assessments

  4. College and Career Transitions in STEM - provided opportunities for thousands of high school and college students in the East Bay to visit STEM businesses, interact with STEM professionals, and learn about the pathways to STEM careers - facilitated Career Awareness and Preparation Program which has supported dozens of CSUEB students in attaining STEM internships and employment in STEM companies

Developed a model for a STEM Education Network that has been replicated (ie. CSU Channel Islands) - provided advice and support for free - facilitated a collaborative platform, a metaphorical table across which cross-sector partners have met to collaborate and learn from each other

Developed procedures to engage the business community in STEM Education work - provided diverse opportunities for business to engage and collaborate

Served as a hub for intersegmental collaboration along the Pre-K through post-secondary educational continuum - served as convener and facilitator on projects including Bridging the Gap, Basic Skills, Diablo Gateways to Innovation, Teaming for Equity and Effectiveness in Mathematics, and the Bay Area Math Collaborative

Raised $40 million for STEM Education Projects in regional funding