• Bruce Simon

UPDATE: Early Math Policy Statement

What do the Bay Area Discovery Museum, Bayer, Broadcom, the California Academy of Sciences, Caribou Biosciences, Cisco, the East Bay Economic Development Alliance, Genentech, Wareham Development, and the California STEM Network have in common? They have all signed the Early Math Policy Statement authored by the East Bay STEM Network and presented to the Assembly Select Committee on STEM Education on March 7.

Led by President Leroy Morishita of Cal State East Bay, members of the East Bay STEM Network addressed the committee, chaired by East Bay Assemblymember Tony Thurmond, about the 20-month math achievement gap that currently exists among low-income students of color as they enter kindergarten—a gap that only widens as students get older. Committee members reviewed recommendations including a campaign to increase public awareness, provide families with engaging math education resources, and increasing the expertise of early education providers through means including professional development complete with participation incentives, requiring student skills assessments, and initiating formal communications channels between preschools and TK-12 so that student progress can be understood and addressed.

Panelists included Trina Ostrander, Director of the Institute for STEM Education at Cal State East Bay; Dr. Carolyn Nelson, Dean of the university’s College of Education and Allied Sciences and lead of the $30 million Hayward Promise Neighborhood project; Dawn O’Connor of Alameda County Office of Education; Vince Stewart, Director of the California STEM Learning Network, Dr. Bert Lubin of Children’s Hospital of Oakland Research Institute, and Dr. Renee Navarro, Vice Chancellor for Diversity at UC San Francisco.

View the Early Math Policy Recommendations here.

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