• Bruce Simon

Math at Home Workshops for Preschool Families

Funded by the Malavalli Family Foundation, the Institute for STEM Education has developed and is providing a series of Math At Home workshops for parents of preschool-age children. Hosted by the Helen Turner Child Development Center in Hayward, each workshop helps parents and caregivers understand all of the math they use in their daily life and develop confidence to share playful, fun math activities with their children.

For example, in the first workshop focused on sorting and patterns, adults sorted and made patterns from collections of common household objects like cooking utensils and Lego blocks. They practiced sharing their work to learn about the importance of “talking math.” One parent described, “I sorted my things by color and then by size.” Another described, “my pattern is fork, fork, spoon, knife, fork, fork, spoon, knife.”

Adults were also provided with Math Starts Early Booklets published by the Institute. The colorful booklets contain helpful hints to support playful math at home. Also included in the booklets are a collection of fun math games, another way to include math in daily life to support children’s development of strong math skills.

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