• STEM Institute

East Bay Votes! Week at Cal State East Bay

Join the Institute for STEM Education and Associated Students Inc. as we strive towards our goal of registering 100% of eligible voters at Cal State East Bay.

Get registered, get informed! Visit one of our information tables to get all of your questions answered about registering to vote, and voting. You can also learn how to stay up-to-date with issues and ballot measures, research politicians and their political stances in minutes, and find out how you can take this information into your community!

East Bay Votes! | Monday, October 15

We will be demystifying the electoral process, informing voters about upcoming ballot measures in small and big elections, and providing resources for voters to find out more about candidates and measures. Sign up to attend a showing of the intersectional documentary, “13th” in the MPR. The Alameda County Registrar's Office will be providing a ballot delivery station for anyone who has already filled out their mail-in ballot.

Poll N Paint | Tuesday, October 16

In addition to registering and informing voters, we will be providing information on how Pioneers can sign up to be Poll Workers for the upcoming election. Get paid to be a Pioneer Ambassador! Attendees can also join us as we create an East Bay Votes! mural which will be displayed on campus. Come grab a paintbrush and sign up to be a poll worker!

If I Could Vote | Wednesday, October 17

What’s the truth about those who can’t vote? Visit our informal speaker panel to read testimonials and hear speakers discuss their personal experiences with disenfranchisement. Learn about how your action - or inaction - has the potential to drastically affect not just your life but the lives of others.

Beyond East Bay | Thursday, October 18

Elected officials and voting rights organizations are invited to speak about the importance of local elections, how measures have specifically impacted their constituents, and what makes their position so valuable - what’s a school board and why does it matter? Informal training workshops will also be given on educating voters in talking about politics and civic engagement and empowering them with the knowledge and confidence to engage their friends and family in the civic process.

Cal State East Bay staff and faculty serve the most diverse student body in the nation. This means that we have a unique opportunity to impact the lives of potential voters from all walks of life. Help us ensure that democracy continues to belong to everyone. We hope to see you there!

Check back here after next week to see how we did!