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Addressing A K12 Teacher Deficit: CSUEB's Approach

There is a major shortage of qualified K-12 teachers locally and across the state and country. This is especially true for teachers with a credential in the STEM subject areas. Cal State East Bay has established an interdepartmental and multidisciplinary workgroup focused on recruiting, retaining, and supporting credentialed STEM teachers. This workgroup includes faculty and staff from the Department of Teacher Education, College of Science (including the Department of Math), and Institute for STEM Education.

Applications are currently open for our upcoming teaching credential program year starting in the Summer semester (June) 2021. Applications are due April 15, and we connect daily with interested students and prospects to expand interest in teaching as a profession and answer questions about the application process and requirements. We offer many means of communication with our students including e-mail, phone, and connecting live over Zoom.

One requirement to apply to the credential program is to demonstrate Subject Matter Competency. This requirement validates a teaching candidate’s level of knowledge in a specific subject such as Math (including Computer Science), Science (general or specific subject such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geological Science), or another subject area. Subject Matter Competency is most often demonstrated by taking and passing standardized exams called CSETs. CSUEB is offering live (online) CSET prep courses for Math and Science subjects in February and March at no cost to participants.

Over the past year, CSUEB has been hosting events focused on the teaching community and building relationships with future K-12 teachers, current K-12 teachers, and CSUEB faculty/staff. Sponsored by EduCorps, these “Teacher Talk” events invite in-service teachers, administrators, and leaders from the local community as speakers to share their experience and perspectives with our pipeline of future K-12 teachers. The topic for our online event this month is “Math and Science in Focus.” These events are open to the public and we encourage you to join our future events.

Help us grow our community and pool of qualified credentialed teachers. We welcome and encourage

you to connect with us. Schedule time to speak live with Jason Chan (CSUEB Teacher Pathways and

Recruitment Coordinator) via Zoom: https://calendly.com/csuebteacherinfo

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