• Janiene Langford

CAPP October Opportunities

“I had an excellent opportunity to network with not only a hiring manager, but also with an executive in my field.”

“The networking opportunity was very important to me because I got the chance to ask questions that I have for experts in this field.”

October was a busy month for our Career Awareness and Preparation (CAP) Program thanks to the professionals who offered invaluable opportunities for CSU East Bay Pioneers. Representatives from Delta Electronics, Illumina, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, and Sandia National Labs shared their work and offered professional advice to more than 80 students pursuing STEM degrees and professions. Our students reflected on how their valuable skill sets transfer to the professional world, gained insights into cutting edge research and technologies, and developed their networking skills.

Our business partners were impressed by the students pointed and insightful questions and their consistent gratitude for the opportunity to gain insights into STEM careers. CSU East Bay Pioneers invest in their futures when presented with the opportunities and value the ability to learn from professionals.

To learn more about the CAP Program or to get involved, please contact:

Janiene M. Langford | Janiene.Langford@csueastbay.edu