• Michelle Sinapuelas, Michele Korb

Strengthening Teacher Training Pathways, A-STEP at A Time

Dr. Michele Korb (Teacher Education) and her team, Dr. Michelle Sinapuelas from CSUEB and Dr. Corinne Lardy from Sacramento State, were awarded $3.577 million by the National Science Foundation to support the Aligning the Science Teacher Education Pathway (A-STEP) project. The A-STEP project, building on the ASET project (NSF 1418440), will continue work with eight university partners to bridge existing gaps across the science teacher training and development pathway. A-STEP is strengthening the capacity of local systems of science teacher education to reliably produce teachers of science who are knowledgeable about and can effectively enact NGSS.

The A-STEP project expands the current work of eight partner universities working as a Networked Improvement Community (NIC) to align implementation efforts around Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) from the university into local school districts and partners in science teacher training and development pathways. Each NIC partner site will co-create a shared vision and co-defined research agenda between university researchers, science educators and school district practitioners to implement the Next Gen ASET Toolkit, across the science teacher training and development pathway. Use of these tools provides common language and modes of discourse when designing and enacting curriculum that aligns with the NGSS. This allows partnerships with shared understanding of goals and paradigm shifts required to promote pedagogical reform in their local contexts and along the teacher preparation pathway. This process will integrate an iterative nature of educational change in local contexts improving implementation of NGSS in both university teacher preparation programs and in school district professional training activities and classrooms. This project has the potential to impact wider levels of reform beyond isolated school initiatives and provide a model for synergy among complex efforts and policy aimed at improving teacher practices, ultimately bolstering a variety of coordinated efforts promoting positive impact in classrooms