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Emeryville Welcomes CIRCLe Labs

CIRCLe Labs are a new initiative to bring an array of STEM professional into the neighborhoods where tomorrow's scientists live. Industry representatives, education leaders, and the Bay Area community joined us as we launched the Emeryville CIRCLe Lab, dedicated to bringing science into neighborhoods. Our community is home to some of the leading efforts to understand and combat climate change. Emeryville families met with practitioners who are here to show kids their work and how they can get involved. STEM related business came to see how CIRCLe Labs work and how you can become a part of them.

Honorable guests included State Senator Nancy Skinner, Rich Robbins of Wareham Development, Superintendent John Rubio, Bayer Corporation, and many other partners who helped to make the CIRCLe Labs possible.

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