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East Oakland CIRCLe Labs Kickoff

Congresswoman Barbara Lee continues her commitment to STE(A)M education and literacy! It was an honor to have her support as we launched the East Oakland CIRCLe Labs, an initiative to bring STEM into Bay Area communities who have historically lacked access to such resources, at the YMCA of the East Bay. Our keynote speaker, Mae Jemison, continues to inspire young people to reach for the stars by stressing the importance of being STEM literate in today's world.

The YMCA Center for Opportunity and Advancement was selected as one of four sites in the East Bay to host a CIRCLe Lab. Each lab is equipped with state-of-the-art videoconferencing equipment, to connect different audiences in real time and connect students with STEM professionals who can host workshops virtually. The YMCA of the East Bay has partnered with the David E. Glover Center for Education and Technology to offer CIRCLe Lab programming at each of their locations beginning in January 2017. The CIRCLe Lab programs at the Y will focus on everyday STEM uses in music, arts and sports. The Glover Center program will focus on coding for digital arts and gaming technology. This initiative shows just how vital collaboration is to improving STEM education and literacy for all.

The CIRCLe Labs are made possible by the support of Wareham Development, Bayer, the Hellman Foundation, and Tesoro Corporation.

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