Students—especially those from communities underrepresented in STEM—are powerfully motivated to continue their STEM studies and career pathways when they fully grasp the diversity and accessibility of opportunities available to them in STEM fields. Institute-affiliated faculty have initiated an array of career awareness and pathway development projects.



Bruce Simon Institute for STEM Education

This grant from the Contra Costa County Office of Education is to coordinate regional Professional Development activities funded through the California Department of Education’s  Career Pathways Trust Project. Goals include strengthening career-themed high school and community college pathways in Information and Communications Technology, Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering, and Health and Bioscience throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, strengthening counseling services for students in these pathways, and increasing work-based learning opportunities.

This is a joint project between the San Jose-Evergreen Community College District and the Workforce Institute and Metropolitan Education District (MetroED). The purpose is to create career pathway programs that are aligned to high-need, high-growth, or emerging regional economic sectors and provide articulated pathways to postsecondary education aligned with regional economies. Our part of the project is to lead collaboration between Cal State East Bay, San Jose State University, San Francisco State University, and our feeder community colleges.