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STEM jobs pay more, California has one million entry-level STEM jobs available in the next five years, employers are looking to hire a diverse local workforce, and STEM professionals get to do exciting work in fields including medical research, climate change, and computer science. So why aren’t more women and students of color choosing STEM for study and career paths?


For many, it’s a simple lack of awareness of what STEM jobs--and actual STEM professionals--look like. The Bay Area is expanding its efforts to change this with STEM Career Awareness Days, where middle and high school students and teachers meet STEM professionals and explore firsthand behind the scenes at innovative companies.


Designed to encourage under-represented students to pursue STEM careers, the Institute helps produce annual events in Berkeley, Emeryville, Hayward, and San Francisco, with additional East Bay cities in the works. Students tour a variety of STEM employer facilities, talk with a diverse crowd of STEM professionals about their career paths and what they do (even how much they make Career Awareness and Preparation program“There is strong data to suggest that the opportunity to meet professionals and learn about employment in actual workplaces can be highly motivational and transformative for many students,” notes Janiene Langford, Program Manager at Cal State East Bay’s Institute for STEM Education. The Institute is helping to produce STEM Career Awareness Days as part of its ), and tour an informational fair hosted by STEM organizations.


STEM Career Awareness Days are collaborations of the Institute, economic development offices and civic organizations, companies including Wareham Development and Bayer, the Port of Oakland, county Workforce Investment Boards, and many others.


"I learned that there are many opportunities out there for me," one Richmond High student reported last year. And that’s what STEM Career Awareness Days are all about.


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