circle labs


The East Bay is rich with STEM education resources. Too often they do not reach into low-income areas. CIRCLe Labs turns existing community spaces — schools, YMCA’s, etc. that are unused after school and on Saturdays — into learning spaces for students, families, and teachers.

• To support underrepresented students as they strengthen their STEM literacy.


• To show that STEM professionals in the East Bay are a diverse population and that a community college certificate can lead to important, well-paid work that is fueling our economy and changing the way we live.


• To excite students about the array of STEM jobs open to them.

CIRCLe Labs bring educators and local STEM professionals into neighborhoods to offer hands-on STEM demonstrations, professional development for teachers, informal career exploration, and other STEM learning opportunities. Conversations will be sparked. Ideas will be shared. Many things can happen!

Working together
towards a common vision