Bring your team together to share your company's mission, vision, and goals with CSU East Bay students, faculty, and staff.  You and your colleagues will have an opportunity to share and learn from each other's career paths, while helping to set the foundation for the future workforce.


At Cal State East Bay, we are proud of our academic programs, but we also value on-the-job experience for the unparalleled learning opportunities it provides our students. As well as the power it offers to employers to custom-train and recruit a diverse, local workforce. The Institute can recruit and pre-screen candidates and provide up to 5 qualified referrals.

“I thought that the internship would be stressful because of the department I am in, however, all the supervisors have been supportive and patient. They have taken the time to make sure I have the resources to succeed and have been amazing mentors. This has made my experience that more enjoyable. Presentations in class and public speaking courses prepared me to speak in meetings and know how to prepare for presenting data in the work environment. Knowing how to use Microsoft Excel and Word is essential for the internship and I had taken courses that taught me the basic skills."

- Lucia Martinez

Device Manufacturing Intern at Baxter International, Summer 2017

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