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Early Math Family Engagement Workshops Help Parents Become Educators

The Institute for STEM Education piloted another innovative family engagement project this year, with a series of six early math education workshops for parents at the Helen Turner Children’s Center in Hayward. This pilot partnered with volunteer Savitha Moorthy, an Early Childhood Educator and researcher. The goal was to increase the confidence of the parents to be math teachers, coaches, and resources for their children. Emphasis was on “talking math” with children and on identifying and discussing the mathematical concepts encountered in everyday life. Research shows that parents are often themselves uncomfortable with math, which can interfere with a child’s ability to gain confidence an

Science Museums Come to Kids Where They Live

-- OUT-OF-SCHOOL-TIME EDUCATION -- The Institute for STEM Education is piloting an innovative way to deliver STEM education outside the school day with the San Lorenzo Public Library, one branch of the Alameda County Library System. This spring, the Lawrence Hall of Science and San Francisco’s Children’s Creativity Museum partnered, to provide a series of “Museum Pop-Up” STEAM events for families. The high quality, interactive Tuesday afternoon events take advantage of the library’s regular drop-in crowd, which includes teens who use the library for homework help. The sessions were centrally located so that visitors would see them immediately upon arrival. Library staff advertised the even