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Opportunities to Participate (OtP) in Science: Examining Differences Longitudinally and Across Socio

Abstract The purpose of this study was to develop and validate a survey of opportunities to participate (OtP) in science that will allow educators and researchers to closely approximate the types of learning opportunities students have in science classrooms. Additionally, we examined whether and how opportunity gaps in science learning may exist across schools with different socio-economic levels. The OtP in science survey consists of four dimensions that include acquiring foundational knowledge, planning an investigation, conducting an investigation, and using evidence to communicate findings. A total of 1214 middle school students across 8 diverse school districts completed the survey. Tes

Family Engagement in Mathematics

Children’s first—and often most powerful—teachers are the adults who are raising them. But parents and caregivers can think of themselves as “not good at math”, and shy away from playing an active role in helping their children learn fundamental math skills. The Institute for STEM Education has developed a project to support preschool families in becoming more confident and competent math teachers for their young children. The project, Funded by the Malavalli Family Foundation, provide monthly workshops in collaboration with the Helen Turner Children’s center, one of the state-funded preschools operated by Hayward Unified School District. At the last workshop, the focus was on measurement

Museum Pop-ups – STEM in the Library

The East Bay STEM Network strives to improve access to high quality STEM education in our community. We have been particularly focused on opportunities to provide access for communities isolated by geography or economic challenges. Working with partners from two local museums—Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley and Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco—and the San Lorenzo Public Library, we built a partnership that increases the capacity of these two popular museums to serve a new audience and brings STEM learning opportunities to the San Lorenzo Library community. Museum educators have been delivering free programming on a series of Tuesday afternoons. Future programming is sched