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DuPont and Cal State Working Together for the Future

On September 28, 2018, representatives from Corteva Agriscience at the Bay Area Innovation Center in Hayward visited CSUEB to explore potential partnerships between the two institutions. Guests included Jun-zhi Wei, Sr. Research Scientist and Plant Protection Leader Jingtong Hou, Senior Research Manager Ryan Schumacher, Research Assistant Robin Emig, Site Manager Leslie Keeney, Administrative Coordinator The representatives began their visit by touring the College of Science’s newest interdisciplinary laboratory facilities, the Molecular Research Labs. Professors Chris Baysdorfer and Ana Almeida of Biological Sciences and Ann McPartland of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry showed th

Cal State Students Explore Careers in Hayward

"The site tour to Baxter opened my eyes to a whole new side of the applied sciences that I didn't know existed. Specifically, in regards to the manufacturing side, it never occurred to me that those jobs were a possibility for me after earning a Biology degree. This side of the industry involved processes that we don't learn about in the classroom. It was comforting to know that with my skills and degree, I could potentially work for a company like Baxter." - Karen, Student, California State University East Bay As part of the Institute for STEM Education’s Career Awareness and Preparation Program (CAPP), site tours to local companies are often the first time students are able to see an appli

Math at Home Workshops for Preschool Families

Funded by the Malavalli Family Foundation, the Institute for STEM Education has developed and is providing a series of Math At Home workshops for parents of preschool-age children. Hosted by the Helen Turner Child Development Center in Hayward, each workshop helps parents and caregivers understand all of the math they use in their daily life and develop confidence to share playful, fun math activities with their children. For example, in the first workshop focused on sorting and patterns, adults sorted and made patterns from collections of common household objects like cooking utensils and Lego blocks. They practiced sharing their work to learn about the importance of “talking math.” One

Pilot STEM Education Program Starts at the Beginning for Local Children

Hayward, CA: Low-income children in historically marginalized communities enter kindergarten as much as 20 months behind their more privileged peers when it comes to math skills. The gap widens as the young students get older, making it less likely that they will master fractions, algebra , and the higher math skills needed to succeed in college and enter well-paid, science-based professions including IT, engineering, and life sciences. This fall, funded by a $1 million Excellence in Early STEM Education endowment from the Malavalli Family Foundation, Cal State East Bay will lead a pilot effort seeking to break through this longstanding (but little known) problem by working with the most