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NGSS STEM Lesson Plans for Secondary School Educators

Just last year, Golden Gate Audubon launched the first live-streaming Osprey cameras on the Pacific coast. The two high-definition cameras are located on the historic Whirley Crane that's associated with the Rosie-the-Riveter National Park in Richmond. The cameras offer different views of the same active Osprey nest from reverse angles. The view from the primary nest cam is riveting. While webcams make wonderful eye candy, our goal with this project was to do much more than simply entertain people. In order to promote the spread of public information about Ospreys and Bay ecology, and to inspire ecological stewardship by individuals and groups that would hopefully benefit Ospreys and other B

Conversations: Wilson Tsang with James Tanton

At Cashtivity, we’re thrilled to collaborate with Dr. James Tanton. One of our master authors, he’s a dynamic, well-regarded math educator and writer as well as a mathematician and math blogger. Put simply, James is a math rock star. That’s why we teamed up with James to release the Piles & Holes series of four interactive, project-based lessons, which we call Challenges, on the Cashtivity platform. These lessons align with Grade 6 math standards. In Piles & Holes, students share and reason about the number system - positive and negative numbers - by digging in sand to create piles - and holes. A pile is a positive 1, a hole is a negative 1, and flat sand is zero. Piles and Holes was created