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Institute Faculty Deliver Summer STEM Education

In addition to free CIRCLe Labs activities for K-8th grade students in Emeryville, the Institute for STEM Education's Board of Directors and Faculty members will be busy throughout the East Bay area with these programs: FOR STUDENTS High School: Summer Math Bridge program at Oakland High, to give students a jump start on the school year: week of July 17, by Julie McNamara (Department of Teacher Ed) and Julia Olkin (Math Department). Sponsored by Warriors Foundation. Entering Cal State East Bay Students: Quick Start Math Institute preparing students who need math remediation for college-level work so they can start the school year in their major, without having to take remediation courses. By

CIRCLe Labs Summer Programming

The Emeryville CIRCLe Labs is launching a series of summer programs through partnerships with the Community Resources for Science and the City of Emeryville. MATH GAMES CIRCLe Labs Math Games is a free summer program that will feature fun and engaging math-based games focused on math curriculum organized by CSU East Bay faculty. The Math Games program aims to help your young learner build foundational math skills while increasing their confidence in their math abilities. Your students’ teachers will also receive materials and instruction so that they can continue this work after CIRCLe Labs. CRS Community Resources for Science, an independent non-profit STEM education provider, will present